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  1. Steve Stamatis

    Thank you for your kind comments Deanna! I'll let everyone know about our liquid goats milk soap once it becomes available.

  2. Deanna

    My husband loves his bar soap so when we saw your booth at the Greek Festival in Palm Desert last weekend, we purchased the Greek Yogurt Soap. Because he shaves in the shower, he found it to lather better than any soap he has ever tried (and that is a lot of different soaps). He exclaimed this is the best soap ever. I loved the tuberose and lavender goat's milk lotions we purchased. I, too, am now a big fan of your wonderful products. I look forward to your liquid goat's milk soap if it becomes available.

  3. Frances valencia

    Want to thank you for your wonderful soaps. I'm a breast cancer survivor and skin is sensitive to a lot of products. I love the lavender and have shared with a few friends. Keep up the good work.

  4. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Marilyn, yes, we will ship to Canada! However, our website is not set up to show Canada as an option (yet) so please send me an email with the items you want along with your address and credit card information. I will also try to find the least expensive way to ship them to you. My direct email is steve@greciansoap.com.

  5. Marilyn

    Will you ship to Canada? I bought some of your soap while in California on holiday and love them. Thanks

  6. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Brianna, Yes, you can still order milk & honey fragrance. Just send me an email at steve@greciansoap.com and I will add it for you. It's a fragrance that is offered by request only.

  7. Brianna

    Hi Greciansoap! I was just wondering, is there any way to still order milk and honey (I think that's what it was) scented soaps? I fell in love with them a while back after I bought a couple at a Greek Festival, but I don't see that fragrance listed anymore. :( Just wondering

  8. Alfonzo

    Very ene?get?c post, I liked that a lot. Will there be a part 2?

  9. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Florence, Yes we definitely sell wholesale. Please contact me directly at steve@greciansoap.com or at 951-339-8661 and I will send you our wholesale price list.

  10. Florence Pruitt

    Do you sell wholesale? Thanks!

  11. Sara Yant

    I tried the embedded sea sponge that I purchased at a Greek festival I attended this past weekend and I am just in LOVE! My skin feels soo soft, has a wonderful smell and is glowing and that was just one day with the soap! I have immediately joined the soap club and am telling all of my friends & family about these products. I have emailed the company about a few questions that I had and they immediately responded. I love their friendliness, prompt response and their products. Definitely give it a try, you will not regret it. :)

  12. Marcia fuller

    I love your soaps but pls fix your website This is 2nd time I've had problems ordering online

  13. Marcia fuller

    I love your soaps but pls fix your website This is 2nd time I've had problems ordering online

  14. Susan Whittemore

    I was introduced to The Grecian Soap Company at St. Paul's Greek Festival in Irvine, and heartily recommend it! I was most fortunate to win from their drawing a wonderful gift set including their soaps, sponges, and lotions. There were many fragrances to choose from, but I love the scent of Plumeria. I've especially enjoyed using daily the Goat's Milk hand and body lotion, and plan to give it, as well as the wide selection of soaps, to friends as gifts. What a great product!

  15. Brenda sanfilippo

    Tryed the lavander soap with the sponge attached ,it's so nice and natural , u can just feel the natural ingredients soak into your skin,amazing my son loves it to makes it easy he says with the sponge attached,I agree : )

  16. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Trenton, thanks for your comments regarding our products. I agree with you that our soaps and lotions can be used 'head to toe'. I will make sure we start to market it that way. Regarding the liquid soap, we tried to formulate a goats milk liquid soap but we were not happy with the results. We will continue to try and hopefully soon get one that meets our quality standards.

  17. Trenton

    I have recently been introduced to your inteligent line of body care products. I find them to be nourishing and effective for the face and not just the hands and body. In fact, so much so, that you really should promote the products as a "Head to toe" product line. The lotion is not greasy and I appreciate the fact that the product is packaged in a squeeze bottle versus a jar, which can degrade a products quality. However, I do have one suggestion. Please offer a liquid hand soap, as bar soap is unappealing for use on the hands and is unattractive by the sink. Thank you for formulating such great products!

  18. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Abi, we will be happy to send you the olive oil only soaps. We recently started offering them and haven't had a chance to add them to our website. Just call me directly at our office number at 951-339-8661 and we will take care of you.

  19. Abi Campbell

    I found your olive oil glycerine soaps at a store near by (Sahara Mart) and loved them on my skin while I was pregnant. Now I'd like to have them shipped directly to me, but I don't see them listed. Is there a way for me to order some olive oil only soap?

  20. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Sandra, you need to work the soap with your fingers (thumbs) at first to get the soap into the sponge. The soap will eventually soften and the sponge with get a nice lather. I'm sorry about the fragrance being too strong for you but lavender is one of our strongest scents.

  21. Sandra Sutphen

    I purchased a small sponge embedded in a lavender soap at the OC Greek Festival in Anaheim yesterday. I have no idea how to make it "work." I poured water on the sponge. I tried to wash my hands. I got no soap but I got a lot of fragrance. Way too much fragrance! What am I doing wrong? Thank you. Sandra

  22. Geri

    I love these soaps! The scents are amazing, there are so many delightful choices. The embedded sea sponge makes a wonderful soap even better. There is nothing like this anywhere else that I have found.

  23. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Marjorie, Thank you for your wonderful comments! I will be more than happy to help you. Please either email me at info@greciansoap.com or call at 951-808-7714. I look forward to hearing from you. Steve

  24. Marjorie anderson

    Good morning! I attended yesterday's gift show in Los Angeles and was disappointed not to find you there. At last July's gift show, I discovered your booth as I was leaving the show. I and two people with me, bought several of your soap and sponge gift items, though by that time, many of the scents were limited. The persons in charge said I could order at the same wholesale prices we paid ($3.50 per) on line. If this is so, I would like to place an order and will appreciate your direction on how to proceed. I was blown away by the quality of your product and the attractive packaging. Thank you very much.

  25. Steve Stamatis

    Hi Maryanne, as we discussed on the phone, your order was shipped yesterday 1/15/16 and you will receive it no later than Tuesday. Your additional order for the lotions was shipped today as well and you will probably receive it the same day. Thank you for your business!

  26. Maryanne

    Hi Steve, I put an order in on Monday 1/11/2016 and I was wondering when it will arrive; I see that it cleared my bank account however I do not have a list of the items that I was to receive and/or the shipment; you had mentioned to me I would get it this week. I would appreciate a follow up Thanks

  27. Sarah

    I live in Colorado and keeping my skin and hands moisturized is a daily constant. I have the Vanilla hand and body lotion as well as the soap & embedded sea sponge set. LOVE! My skin feels great, my hands don't dry out after a couple of hours nor are they oily after I put the lotion on. The scent is gentle and not overbearing but actually lasts. I've been using L'Occitane lotions and soap for the last couple of years, but I am fully converted to the Grecian Soap Company now.

  28. Anna Fantasia

    It was lovely to visit your booth today at SF Gift Fair. I wanted to purchase the tuberrose hand lotion but I don't see it on the site. Is it possible to purchase this scent- it was just heavenly. Thank you.

  29. Desiree

    I walked into your booth at the Women's Expo in L.A. and I am absolutely in love with your products! The sea sponge is exfoliating while the soap leaves my skin feeling extra soft. I gifted the soaps for Christmas and everyone complimented on how well they were packaged and fell in love with the product. This will definitely be my go to for gift giving in the future. I can't wait to try more of your products. Thank you so much!

  30. Steve Stamatis

    To answer Jerry's question, we use essential oils when available as we try to be as natural as possible. However, when a scent is not available in an essential oil, we use a small amount of fragrance oil to scent our soaps.

  31. Jerry

    You say natural products but many of the fragrances you have are not essential oils I think. Are they perfumes and fragrances?

  32. Miranda

    Beautiful packaging, great for Christmas gifts or anniversary gifts for the women in your life. Love the lotion and the loofah soap, doesn't leave the skin feeling greasy. The fragrance is mellow to where my husbands sensitive nose doesn't complain.

  33. Linda

    Just want to let you know the soaps are great and smell terrific. Using them for the last three weeks and find them to be very moisturizing. Can't wait to try more scents.

  34. David

    My wife bought some of the products at a recent Greek festival. Honestly I never thought I'd care about soap but their goat's milk products feel way better than any other soap I've ever tried. We're actually planning on using some of the gift packs for Christmas gifts this year. I definitely recommend!

  35. Giselle Beaton-Garcia

    Tried this soap at the LA Ultimate Women's Expo and fell in love. Now I'm hooked and want more. Cranberry Pomegranate in Goat's milk & olive oil smells amazing and lathers so creamy and hydrating. You almost want to take a bite out of it! The embedded sea sponge is just an added treat and a superb convenient addition. The best shower experience ever and I look forward to every shower now. Everyone has got to try this! After a week my skin feels silky soft. I'm excited to try the goats milk lotion combining it with the goats milk soap. Can the soap be used on the hair ? Can you make a goat's milk shampoo ? I also wondering about the yogurt soaps...... which soap is the best for acne breakout type of skin ?

  36. Lu

    I bought your coconut & olive oil body wash but, unfortunately I just tried some of your goats milk lotion from a tester. Two hours later, I noticed how wonderful my hands still felt. But I didn't have time to return to the festival before it closed. I will now purchase it online. How refreshing: Your marketing info is accurate. This really is an excellent product.

  37. Lu

    At the St. Spyridon Greek Festival, I tried some of your goats milk lotion from a tester. Two hours later, I noticed how wonderful my hands still felt. Didn't have time to return to the festival, but am buying the lotion online now. How refreshing: Your marketing info is completely accurate. This really is an exceptional product.


    TRULY A FIND !! I am 70 yr.young woman who has tried many soaps, lotions and very expensive serums over the years that never do what the company claims. Until now...Three weeks ago I purchased a bar of Goats Milk (Patchouli ) soap from Grecian Soap Company at a festival. The lather smells heavenly that goes onto the skin like foam velvet then rinses so clean leaving you feeling so soft and glowing til your next shower. After a week I started using the soap on my face, leaving my $72 cream behind. I've never written on a product before but I really wanted to spread the goodness of this soap.

  39. Trudy

    I would like to share how wonderful your soaps are! The ones with the sponges inside them are so awesome, what a great idea! My favorites are the almond one and the lavender. Still have to try the new ones. These soaps make the best gifts!

  40. Steve Stamatis

    We had a very successful weekend at the OC Greekfest in Anaheim this past weekend. We also sold out on most of our soaps, especially fragrances like pomegranate, plumeria, cucumber melon and tangerine. Not surprisingly, all 40 bars of our newest soap, goat's milk with honey & oatmeal in the center sold out the fastest. We are very happy that once people see and smell our products, they are hooked! Our next two Greek Festivals that we will be attending are the St. Spyridon Greek Festival in San Diego on June 5-7th and 'A Taste of Greece' Festival at St.Paul's Greek Orthodox Church in Irvine, CA June 26-28th. We hope to see you there!

  41. Kathy

    I take longer baths and showers now that I've found these creamy fragrant soaps. My fave is Plumeria...but the new Egyptian Musk is equally delicious!! Steve and Carla (the geniuses behind Grecian Soap) are spectacularly aware of what a luxuriously fabulous bath/spa/facial experience is supposed to be...thank you!!

  42. Steve

    I am answering a question posted by Diane Stevens on May13th. The answer for the melt-and-pour soaps (goat's milk) is we do batches of 12 soaps and let them age a day. On the cold process soaps (olive oil), we do batches of 30 and age them for 3 weeks.

  43. Veronica

    My teenage son started using the Almond Goats Milk soap to treat his acne. He was so happy as we all noticed a big difference in his complexion right away. He has used many expensive acne products and nothing has worked like this soap. After seeing how well his skin looks over the last few months, I can't wait to treat myself to some Grecian products as well.



  45. DougE

    I've been using the Almond Goats Milk Soap as shaving cream for over a week. Super smooth shave, zero irritation. And. my face feels crazy soft! Just ask my girlfriend! ;-)

  46. Ashley

    In LOVE with the goats milk soap with sea sponge. The mini soaps are perfect for washing my face and the sea sponge is so gentle yet exfoliating. Dramatically cleared up my breakouts and smoothed out my skin. The loofah soap is very exfoliating and great for getting off old sunless tans! Trying out the body scrubs next :) Quality, quality, quality! Love you guys!

  47. Margo

    I love this soap especially the soap in the loofah. It is so moisturizing, it works really well on dry heels and legs. The soap smells incredible. All the scents smell absolutely wonderful. I will keep supporting these awesome products.

  48. J Van Uden

    Each product I've tried from the Grecian Soap Company has been superb. The aromas of their scented soaps are so delectable they practically make me weak in the knees! Seriously, they are absolutely sublime. I've never used better soaps in all my life. As a bonus, they also help with my pesky eczema and make my skin feel healthier than before.

  49. leslie

    I tried the soaps and liquid soap and lotion. I love them all. Great product!

  50. Kathleen Gonzales

    I love this line of products. My favorite product is of course the soap. I especially love the olive oil and almond scent. The soap washes away clean, leaving a smooth, silky feeling; unlike other soaps that leaves your skin dry. All natural ingredients, helps promote healthy skin, anti-aging benefits, and an affordable price; I'm in.

  51. Michelle

    I love the aromatic scent of every product. the body scrub was the first product I used and it left my body soft without a greasy feel that other body scrubs have. I highly recommend trying the body scrub. second I used the goats milk soap with oatmeal in the middle. the smell was so wonderful and the way it made by body so soft it is easy to tell these are some high quality product. I love this line of goats milk. very satisfied. give it a try you will love it.

  52. Steve Stamatis

    Many people have never tried goat's milk soaps. That's unfortunate since they are so much better than commercial soap and have great benefits that can really improve your skin. As our first official entry into our blog, I thought I'd share with you 5 great reasons to to start using goat's milk soap. Besides the fact that they feel wonderful when using them, not to mention their incredible smell, here are real health reasons why everyone should use goat's milk soaps: Five great reasons to start using goat's milk soap 1. It delays signs of skin aging Due to it's high content of Alpha Hydroxy Acid (Lactic Acid) it effectively breaks down dead skin cells and removes them from your skin's surface leaving renewed, youthful looking skin that appears smoother and more youthful. 2. No harsh chemicals Standard commercial soaps use harsh chemicals to break down dead skin cells which, in affect, is like a chemical "burn". The Alpha Hydroxy Acid in goat's milk works with the skin instead of breaking it down and aging it further. 3. It has Anti-Inflammatory Properties Skin inflammation is reduced due to goat's milk fat molecule content. The cream in goat's milk is a natural moisturizer, soothing dry and damaged skin, possessing an anti-inflammatory effect. 4. Goat's Milk is loaded with Essentials It's packed with essential nutrients and vitamins such as vitamin D, C, B6, B12 and E. They feed the skin and are then absorbed into the body. 5. Goat's Milk helps treat Acne Studies have proven that goat's milk is effective for treating acne and other skin conditions. The primary reason is because goat's milk has anti-bacterial properties that delaythe growth of microbial organisms the spur the spread of acne.

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